Who, what and why?

World Wide Technologies is a global player in the digitalisation of large enterprises, but with the finesse to be able to serve a multitude of small to medium enterprises. Our team consists of highly respected profesionals who are at the peak of thier industry. This collaberation of experts brings a solution provider that covers multiple disciplines, strategies and goals.

We draft, build and create full stack business systems that allows a business to excel in their industry, from custom designed hardware, software and strategies.

We fill a large gap in the market as a one stop shop for businesses that want to integrate integral systems in their operation. We are driven by our own challenges and innovation excites is.



Our approach to FIBS service stack and our continued improvement on all of our products ensure that we deliver products, solutions and services that revolutionise the way you do business. Bringing together software, hardware and business intelligence in a one stop solution provider allows us to offer a large impact on the way your business does its business.


To privode valuable full stack solutions that empowers our clients to be better at their business at the right price with the best quality and effort.


We have a singular and open vision, our vision is to never stop innovating, to drive ourselves beyond what we think is possible, to excel at everything we do, every product we deliver and every interaction we have. To not waiste a second on our ever lasting goal of being the best.


At the end of the day, we want to make an impact in each of our clients businesses, our strong strategies, great innovation and business inginuity allows us to ensure everything we offer to our clients has value and that it strengthens their bottom line.

Our team

The team behind our awesomeness.

Peter Dever
Chief Technology Officer and MD

Peters role is to ensure that the company runs smoothly and that we constantly evolve and innovate

Eloise Vermeulen
Chief Financial Officer

After we are done innovating, the books should still reflect our success, Eliose ensures this happens.

Christo Louw
Senior Software Engineer

Christo writes the code that runs each and every of our solutions.

Johan Vermeulen
Project Manager

Johan ensures we meet our targets, deadlines and that projects run smoothly.

Willan Theunissen
Web Development Specialist

Willan ensures that your customers can easilly take advantage of your new WWT solution.

Dinesh Sharma
Senior Android Developer

Our solutions won't be so awesome without them being on Android, Dinesh makes this happen.

Mihesh Nidia
Android and iOS Developer

Mihesh ensures that our solution matches up on iOS and Android.

Ruler Wei
China Division Manager

Ruler ensures our operations in China are running smoothly

Chen Hong
Procurement Manager

Chen ensures that we get our bits and pieces we require accross the globe quickly.

Hong Fang
Firmware Developer

Hong ensures that our hardware has the software to run it.

Li Ying
Senior Electronic Engineer

Li design and implements our concepts into working boards.

Marco Coetzer
IoT Specialist and Firmware Developer

Marco has a lot of knowledge on IoT and the firmware behind it.

Buks Coetzer
3D Modeling and Prototype specialist

From digital wireframe to production unit, Buks ensures our devices match it use case.

Richard Gravett
Design Engineer

Richard engineers and facilitates the technology and harware we provide.

International Footprint

Our solutions and products accross the globe

World Wide Technologies operates accross the entire globe, from our advanced and technical innovating factories in China, development offices in India, management offices in Dubaie, assembly line in South Africa and our dedicated team of core team members in a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

Our clients experience the benefits of our international presence, engineering inginuity and technical marvels. We truelly over diverse intelligence and an international infrastructure which you can trust the well being of your business in.


That is on the bleeding edge

At World Wide Technologies we believe that the impossible is possible with knowledge, experience and innovation. Our team of combined expertise comes together with the latest development in technology, software and market trends.

We also look beyond the next few years, to ensure that the innovation we offer is not rivaled by time itself. Always meeting your markets demands before they demanded anything ensures that you are always on the bleeding edge.

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